Our phlebotomy training program includes 40 hours of practical instruction in a clinical setting which provides access to patients whose blood is being tested by a clinical laboratory. Students must complete the practical instruction in a clinical setting that includes:

  • Selection of blood collection equipment appropriate to test requisition
  • Preparation of a patient and infection control
  • Skin punctures for testing purposes from patients of varying ages, including pediatric and geriatric, and of varying health and obesity status
  • Venipunctures from patients of varying ages, health status, and body mass
  • Post-puncture care
  • Processing of blood containers after collection, including centrifugation
  • Proper disposal of needles, sharps, and medical waste
  • Practical examination showing evidence of successful completion of the above curriculum
  • In addition, the program must ensure that:
  • Certified Phlebotomy Technician I (CPT I) students complete a minimum of 40 hours of practical training, 50 venipunctures,10 skin punctures, and observe two arterial punctures.

Upon successful completion of the didactic training program (40 classroom hours), a student is eligible for the Clinical Phlebotomy Externship. The Clinical Phlebotomy Externship is a standard 40-hour, unpaid rotation.

During this Externship, students are given a chance an opportunity to get obtain hands on experience and practice conducting phlebotomy procedures on patients with supervision. The Externship is designed to ensure students get a minimum of 50 accurate sticks (combination of venipuncture/capillary sticks and 10 skin punctures) and record this on a log sheet that is signed by a lab supervisor.

As a participant in this Clinical Externship, students must agree to provide a resume to the phlebotomy instructor, no less than 3 weeks following initial contact. Failure to provide such resume will result in students not being able to participate in the externship opportunity. In addition, the following terms and conditions apply to the externship:

  1. All externship opportunities are subject to the availability, scheduling and staffing needs of the assigned clinical lab/facility.
  2. Students are expected to provide their own transportation to externship facilities.
  3. Attendance and punctuality of the student during externship is required.
  4. Students agree to comply with all lab/facility policies including, but not limited to, the policy on privacy and confidentiality including HIPAA, professionalism, dress code and uniform, as well as proper hygiene practices for a medical setting.
  5. The healthcare facility for which you volunteer is under no obligation to offer you employment (or any other employment benefit) at the conclusion of your clinical externship experience.
  6. All externship assignments are final and remain at the discretion of the facility. Under no circumstances are we or the facility to which you are assigned considered an employer with respect to students completing their clinical externship experience.
  7. Solicitation for employment is strictly forbidden by students, however students are encouraged to accept employment opportunities offered by the lab/facility.

By participating in this process, students are entering into an unpaid volunteer clinical externship opportunity which, at no time, constitutes an employee-employer relationship. The facility is under no obligation to continue your clinical experience nor should you maintain these expectations.

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